Great Initiative by Madhukar Foundation on the Occasion of Akshaya Great Initiative
-Maharastra Plus News

A special initiative of Madhukar Foundation Sevabhavi Sanstha on the occasion of Akshay III Madhukar Foundation Sevabhavi Sanstha in Navi Mumbai distributed food to the children and staff of the orphanage at Vashi on the occasion of Akshay III. In other words, all the children in the orphanage are HIV positive.

On this occasion, the President of the Foundation, Dr. Mahesh Patil said that Akshay III festival has special significance. Donations made on this day are inexhaustible and there are various religious references to this day in the Puranas. This service started on the occasion of Akshay III will continue uninterruptedly. Various activities are being undertaken by the Foundation for the disabled, third party, senior citizens, orphans.

Mahesh Patil said that everyone should come forward to reach out to the needy sections of the society in this time of crisis in Corona. Manoj Mahajan, a benefactor of the organization was also present on the occasion.

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